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[pct-l] Boxes for resupply


If I had to do it over again, I'd do the absolute minimum of boxes needed.
Which would probably be just parts of Oregon and Washington with a couple in
Northern California, VVR, Kennedy Meadows and Yosemite. The rest I'd
re-supply at trail towns.

I'd make them as small as possible to keep the shipping cost down. Also a
good trick is to get some bright day-glow paint to spray on the outside of
the box. It helps to make yours stand out from the rest of the brown
cardboard boxes.

What I'd include in the boxes would be a variety of spice mixtures that can
be added to the meals. Rice, mash potatoes and Ramon noodles that can be
picked up at virtually ever stop along the trail. So no sense shipping them.
I'd also add some dried vegetables to be added to the mixture. I'd also add
Jerky and possibly Gorp which can be purchased or make in bulk a lot cheaper
than along the trail.

Since you're going at a slower pace, you may want to take some time to hitch
to some of the towns a little farther off the trail. Better for re-supply
and great for getting to know the local culture.

You maybe different, but many, if not most hikers, soon tire of the food
they've prepackaged for the trail. I've still got a couple of boxes of food
left over from 2000. Want any?