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[pct-l] RE: Food storage/Bear Boxes

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In a message dated 11/6/2002 8:43:42 PM Eastern Standard Time,
kborski@yahoo.com writes:

> Consider your "proper food storage" a good
> deed where you can directly contribute to protecting
> the future of wild bears.

That's great advice Karen, but 99% of the thru-hikers I know only use
mandatory techniques when there's a bear box, bear pole, cable etc.  The rest
of the time they store their food in their tent and except for one occasion
have never had a problem with bears or encounter.  {Disclaimer, please don't
follow my advice, this includes griz country}  On the otherhand, reccomended
advice or rules have you hanging food or using a bear cannister, attracting
bears, if not losing your food outright.

It's my traveled opinion, you're better off if you're willing to protect your
food, keeping it close, and that bears know this.  Why else are most of the
bears' raids on unattended food in popular places and not in the wild?