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[pct-l] Re: Bear Boxes/Food Storage Options

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I carried my food in an Ursack on a trip to the worst bear area in Inyo NF,
Thousand Island Lake, and couterbalanced it.  I also carried a wristrocket
and supplied myself with several perfect sized rocks just outside of my tent
door which faced the hang.  I figured that if a bear pestered it in the
middle of the night I would have enough time to wake up and nail him a few
times before he could get up and into the Ursack.  Note, the line I used to
counterbalance is Kevlar also so that a mean swipe of a bear claw wont likely
cut it on first swing.

I also cooked well away from this hang site and camped in an area that is not
popularly camped in there.

Result was not a bear seen or heard.  But I was ready.  Damn, wished I'd
gotten a chance to try out my version of the "rubber bullet" strategy.


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jmertes@verizon.net writes:

> Well, I think the Ursack will at least thwart mice and marmots if not bears.
> So
> maybe the solution is to haul your food in an Ursack and stash it in the
> bear
> box.
> Other ideas . . . . ?