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[pct-l] Re: Bear Boxes/Food Storage Options

My apologies again for sending an incomplete email.
This time I didn't hit any buttons (that I know of)
when the email was sent!  I'll have to call my IP
service to find out what's going on.

Let me repost that message, this time complete.

The third option listed in the NPS brochure that I
left out yesterday was:

LAST CHOICE:  Hanging Food from Trees
Use the counterbalance method only when storage boxes
or canisters are not available.  It is hard to do
well, requires trees and rope, and bears can often
thwart it.  Reinforce this method with human guard.
It is not a legal method above treeline.

[There is an illustration in the brochure following
this showing the counterbalance method.]

In addition to ants getting into the bear boxes, I had
mice get into my food in the Sierras on my JMT hike.
So, beware.


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