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[pct-l] "hawking wares?"

I think your Post, Eric, was totally out of line. No
where was this X-Cape that I Designed said to be for
sale. This web page was done for the enjoyment and
informational aspect of new poncho design. It is under
New Items of Interest.

This list advocates dual use of items, creativity, and
home made gear, and I believe are fine with being
informed of new ideas. Are you saying we should not
post anything new I have come up with? Or only can
post if I will give away my patterns?

Your "disclaimer" is not necessary. Many people come
to trailquest to learn, read, and enjoy what took
Rainmaker and I countless hours to build it. It is
very satisfying being so involved with the hiking
community, and I love being able to encourage new
hikers.I know I am not alone in that feeling.

So, I just had to respond, seeing how that post was so


---seeking the perfect gram-gear ratio

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