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[pct-l] Admin: List policy on advertising

At 01:47 PM 11/5/02, Ronald Moak wrote:
>I suppose there's a fine line between "hawking wares" and "sharing ideas".
>So fine that I suspect that it is often blurred.

The list charter states (in part):

The following subjects are specifically off topic:
**Commercial posts advertising products or services not related to the PCT
(posts advertising products or services that specifically apply to the PCT
are welcome within reason.)

eric jensen's objection seems to be one of manufacturers promoting their
own gear for sale, and this is expressly allowed per the published rules,
as long as it is "within reason," and I think that occasional announcements
of new products **IS** "within reason."

I'd like to keep everyone happy, so if anyone has a different opinion,
please let me know OFF LIST in a private post and I will make any changes
in list policy that seems prudent.

Brick Robbins
PCT-L List Admin