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[pct-l] Re: The "Great X-Cape" Poncho / Shelter sell-abration

Eric Writes >> Is it just me or are there others who are tired of receiving
emails on this message board from David hawking his latest wares?  It would
seem that this site is here for us to share ideas and information, not
advertising gear from our own retail operations(this rant is not to be
confused with "hey, I've got a used ULA P2 pack for sale").  <<

I suppose there's a fine line between "hawking wares" and "sharing ideas".
So fine that I suspect that it is often blurred. For example the first time
a vendor tells me about a new product I maybe interested in, then it's
information. The second, third, forth, etc. times it becomes advertising.

I guess it would be good to wait until someone else goes out, buys the gear,
tests it out and post a message. But then it might be weeks or months before
news of a new product leaks out.

So far I've not found the level of "hawking wares" on this list to be
extreme. David and Carol come out with lots of different ideas and products.
At the same time they've also put a lot of other non sales related material
on their site.

But then maybe I'm too bias. After all I've got a product or two coming down
the pike that I'd to let people know about.

I have concerns about flooding the mails with too much spam. At the same
time, there have been times I've wanted an in depth open discussion about
the merits of some product or set of features. I don't do so because I feel
many people will get turned off. The result is hundreds of hours are spend
developing an idea, thousands are spend turning it into a product, only to
have it come just so close to being spot on.

It seems a shame when we chose to slam people who've invested considerable
time, money and energy developing products we want. Especially since no one
developing products for the ultralight community is making a living doing
so, let alone getting rich.

Eric I won't go over the rest of your message. Suffice it to say, I thought
I knew you better.