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[pct-l] Park service vs. Park Service

> I hiked in Glacier a few years ago and noted two significant differences:
> 1.  Glacier allows camping only in designated sites, which have cables.
> They don't "allow" stealth camping (any CDT input here?).

	As far as the CDT goes, that's correct - camping is allowed only in
designated areas, and you need a permit (they try to keep areas from
being overused as well). There is a region (the Nyack/Coal Creek Camping
Zone) where experienced hikers have the freedom to camp where they
choose (within certain limits), but it's away from the route of the CDT.

> 2.  According to an NPS ranger I talked with there, they just shoot the bad
> bears -- maybe that's a difference between what's acceptable in Montana
> versus California...
> Happy trails, Tom

	I can't really contradict a park ranger you spoke to personally, but
killing a bear in the park would be news around here, and I cannot think
of the last time I've heard of it happening.

	Now, on occasion they /do/ use flash-bang shotgun shells to scare bears
that seem to be insufficiently wary of humans. Could that be what he was


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