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[pct-l] Park service vs. Park Service

You are right Tom. In Glacier you can only camp in assigned camp sites. And
the rangers do check your permits. All campsites have bear cables or bear
boxes. The bear boxes we saw were all in campgrounds accessible by car. Each
backcountry campground has 2 - 5 campsites, a cooking area, food storage
area (usually bear cable), usually a stock area, and a privy.

Another twist was a campground for car camping that insisted you had to
store your food in the vehicle. Rather difficult for a thru-hiker. We were
there after the campground was closed so we stored our food in the garbage
can with the bear proof lid down.We were glad they had cleaned the garbage
cans at the end of the season.

We asked a backcountry ranger about camping in sites other than back country
campgrounds. You can get special permits to do so. You must have specific
detailed plans to get the permit. If you plan to camp in an area known to be
bear habitat you will be refused or asked to change you plans. Also these
are grizzleys not black bears! Don't even think about messing with the