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[pct-l] Park service vs. Park Service


The trail was what i was talking about. Yosemite has no bear boxes in the
backcountry except in Little Yosemite Valley and to my knowledge never has.
Sequoia has had bear boxs in the backcountry for 15 years and has had bear
boxes at Lodgepole longer than that.  Yosemite HAD bear cables along Lyell
but took them down.


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HUH??? T meadows, the valley, walk in camp sites, etc.. are loaded with bear
boxes!~! What do mena not to install Bear boxes?? The major trail heads
ALL have bear boxes (White wolf being one exception becasue there is
not/has not been a problem there (*YET!!)  ).... Curry village is
literally surrounded by rows and columns of bear boxes..

I am sure you meant somewhere else in YNP, yes?

The bear problem is
also VERY severe up Lyell canyon (which is in Yosemtie and will have
boxes installed this yearI believe...)

I'd give YNP an A+ on boxes.

At 01:39 PM 11/3/02 -0800, Reynolds, WT wrote:
>Yosemite is a zoo because of the number of visitors and campers it handles
>every year. In fact the bear problems in Yosemite are very localized around
>the Valley and Tuolumne Meadows.
>That being said, Yosemite's decision to not install bear boxs was ill
>advised. What bear boxs do is make it easy for week/weekend hikers to hike
>to popular routes and camp in the popular places. True, this creates high
>density camping that some find objectionable but the average city dweller
>doesn't care. The result is that Sequoia/Kings Canyon bears are under
>control while other areas that continued advising counterbalancing are out
>of control.
>Where there are bear boxs, almost everybody [except thruhiker scum]store
>their food properly by the simple expedient of using the bear boxs for
>excess food until all fits into the canister. It is the areas that are
>directly from counterbalancing to bear canisters where the problem is.
>Bear cables and poles also work although they are higher maintenance and
>harder to use.
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> OK,  Glacier verses Yosemite!!! So Yosemite's answer is to bear box or
>canister everything while few Glacier employee's even know what a canister
>bear box is!! Actually there are a few bear boxes in Glacier, but mostly
>backcountry campsites had bear poles for hanging food and only a few had
>boxes. Glacier requires you to cook in a separate area than where you
>They seem to have a good handle on the bear situation. ( You don't need to
>pack a canister) I saw no bears in Glacier and heard of no problems.
>       Yosemite on the other hand is a zoo!! You need a canister or bear
>everwhere. Bears are out of control. How can two Parks have such different
>sets of rules? Glacier would get a A+ while Yosemite gets a D- for their
>seperate bear handling report cards.
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