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[pct-l] Re:Congratulations Roy

Hi Roy,

Congratulations on your thru hike. Sounds like you and
I have the same experience. Now I am a thru hiker,
after a two year PCT hike.

The first month I fought disappointment on the AT.
Just not the same wildness I had hoped for. Good
heavens, what was I thinking, so many resupply
options, shelters, water everywhere. People coming at
you from all creation.Not at all like the PCT, where a
person might not see a soul for days. And marked? A
person has to stay alert on the PCT. The AT is blazed
so well, a child could manage without a doubt.

Anyways, wished I could have met you. Fantastic
journey. I was a white blazing purist, also, but must
admit to a one day hike (no pack) from Caratunk to
Monson (37 miles). Guess thats how I did Mt Whitney as
well. Left the bulk of my stuff in the bear box at
Crabtree Meadows, did Whitney, and back down same day.

I heard one woman took her entire pack up to Katahdin.
I had a rough time over some of those scrambles, even
left my hiking poles at the ranger station.

gypsy trail life has got to be the best in the world
best regards

---seeking the perfect gram-gear ratio

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