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[pct-l] besr canisters in Yosemite

The area south of Tuolumne is Lyell Creek. It is historically a very high
use area for both campers and bears.  Typically, if you sleep with your
food, the bear will go in search of easier pickings such as
mis-counterbalanced food. However, this is not always so. The bear may stalk
you, repeatedly circling your camp until you stow your food and go to bed.
Typically the bear circles closer and closer. I guess he is getting up the
nerve to crash your tent. At this point most people start making noises to
drive the bear off. The typical result is a lost night's sleep and some bear
damage to any equipment left outside the tent. However, sometimes the bear
goes for the food and usually gets it -- even if you are using it for a
pillow. Occasionally the camper gets hurt in the process [not often].

Once you hit Dohanue pass their is really no safe place to camp until about
24 miles past Tuolomne.

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I didn't use one on my PCT thru-hike this year.  Yes, I was visited by a
pesky bruin about 5 miles south of Tuolomne Meadows.  I heard him
approaching my campsite and tried to chase him off by making the usual
noises.  He appeared annoyed and reluctantly lumbered off.  I later found
out he tried to raid another two camps further south.  Yes, I do sleep with
my food.  If I were hiking again next year, I would not carry a bear
canister, but I would honor my policy of not camping in established
campsites.  I think most of the other PCT hikers I know would do the same.

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