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[pct-l] Yosemite bear can regulations

In a message dated 11/1/02 7:21:04 PM, mardav@charter.net writes:

<< I think Yosemite has been very wrongheaded in their bear policy for
a very long time.   >>

So why do you think things have changed? They have promulgated a policy that
requires strict compliance in order to work: if ALL your food isn't secured
in cans, there's not much point in having one to prevent bears from getting
human food -- its just x ounces of dead weight.
  Strict compliance REQUIRES searching packs (THAT will be real popular),
without due cause, to insure all food is in cans. Just seeing a can means
nothing and people have been known to be untruthful when the truth means a
citation -- there's nothing to be lost by lying. The searches, of course,
will be challenged by hikers who happen to be ACLU lawyers and the taxpayers
will pay millions in attorney fees to defend the stubborn NPS through appeals
up to the Supreme Court. Millions that could have been used for a bear policy
that would work and that they will now have to redo.
  Could the recent chaos over whether cans are required or just recommended
be a sign that the NPS sees the hand writing on the wall? Check and mate in
two moves? The end result, I predict will be no strict compliance, and,
therefore, no solution to the bear problem anytime soon. I also predict dog
harrassment as the final, preferred solution to the bear problem.