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[pct-l] 2002 rogues gallery

I finally finished organizing my September photos from Glacier Peak section K.
http://pcnst.oakapple.net/recent/ takes you to an index; click on
the date/map subtitles to see the photos for that date.

The rogues gallery of prospective and actual through hikers that I encountered
is at http://pcnst.oakapple.net/2002/ and is split into several subpages
for faster downloading.    Anybody having information on the
prospective and actual through hikers - names, dates, etc - may advise me
and I'll update accordingly.     Most of the prospective through hikers
probably finished.   There are no doubt numerous other errors,
aggravated by the time lapse between the hike and the documentation -
French and Spanish classes are more time-consuming than I realized.
I will try to fix those errors I'm told about.