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[pct-l] IsoButane

In a message dated 10/27/02 2:03:37 PM, jkeener@backpacker.com writes:

<<  have a tiny canister stove that I like a lot. Very light, dependable,
easy. Anyway, is isobutane readily available at most resupply spots? Has
anyone had experience with these stoves on a thru-hike?


Coleman fuel is the ONLY fuel (other than wood)to be found in quantity along
the PCT. You might find Isobutane in Big Bear City, S. Lake Tahoe and
Ashland, but I doubt very much that it is sold elsewhere. Think rural in Cal.
Think remote resort in Ore, and think pass gas station/deli in Wa. I really
think people underestimate the lack of full supply stops on the PCT.  After
Big Bear City, the only cities worthy of a Wal-mart and Burger King are
Mojave, Ashland, and S. Lake Tahoe, all well off the trail.