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[pct-l] Gear vs gear vs gear

> OK, here goes: the ground cloth consists of my emergency blanket that
> I carry anyway with my rain poncho that I carry anyway. The bug

I'm not trying to be argumentative, but...

Did you ever use your emergency blanket for anything other than a
groundcloth? If not, can you foresee any situation where you'd use the
emergency blanket and you wouldn't _also_ need a groundcloth?

The poncho, OTOH, truly seems to be a multiuse item--and one that you would
definitely carry anyway. But I'm curious about that too: What do you wear as
rain protection when you have to go out in the rain (e.g., to pee)?

I'd like to go Ray-light, but I haven't been able to resolve some of these
questions in my own mind. For the time being, I'm still schlepping way too