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[pct-l] Books

Hi Jason,

"Along the Pacific Crest Trail" by Karen Berger is the most beautiful.
"Journey on the Crest" by Cindy Ross inspired me to get out there.
"Beyond Backpacking" and "Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook" by
Ray Jardine lightened my load.

The official guide let us ponder each day what the next would bring.
The town guide was used for planning beforehand, not much (just a few
pages) during our trip. The data book was used as a back-up and
helped us not to have too many arguments (one person carrying the
guidebook the other the data book), plus it fit into a pants pocket.
Carrying only the maps does not help you gauge whether the water is
seasonal or not. Maps outside of the trail guide are only necessary
if you need to get away from the route.


>Hi All,
>What are the popular, or the best, or your favorite, or useful (you get my
>drift!) books on PCT out there? What are the "manuals", those with maps? Do
>most folks carry the trail guide (book by sections, I presume) or just the
>maps? What is the best way to go with maps? I imagine there are map sets out
>there for the PCT, what works and what doesn't? Any suggestions are welcome.
>Seattle, WA
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Saskia Daru