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[pct-l] the subjectiveness of a thru-hike

Chuckie V and crew,

I understand where you are coming from, and have an
uneasiness with it too.  On my trek, slackpacking,
"trail-cutting" and little white lies were everywhere.
 I found Fallingwater's reply to be most valid for me.
 In the end...it's about what you did, not others.   I
can say I've hiked THE ENTIRE TRAIL with the exception
of the eagle creek alternate and that little half mile
coming into warner springs.
I tell people that too. To me, it eases my own mind
that created its own rules for my hike.  While the
goal is to summit the mountain, does it matter if we
all take the same route? However, for me, purism makes
the mountain just a little bit higher.

Having hiked The ENTIRE trail (with the exception of
the half mile coming into Warner Springs),


And P.S. Has that unofficial register at the Border
filled up yet.  I'm keen to get a look at it.  Rock On!

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