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[pct-l] trekking poles

>>I've been just pickled happy with my $5 used ski poles for use >>as
>>trekking poles. Yep, they don't

As with Greg, have made good use of used ski poles (alas, mine cost the
princely sum of $10 :D). As I was able to get three years of hard hiking
out them before I retired them in Manning Park, received my money's
worth. They also doubled as my snowshoe poles in the winter.

The advantage of simple ski poles (besides the price) is that they do
not jam up or are prone other mechanical failures like the Lekis.
Granted, they do not telescope, but have never found that to be a
problem when hiking, setting up my tarp or even transporting on a

So at $10 for three years of use (and Lekis costing, say $100 for the
lower end pair)...well that is a lot of years of use before I equal the
cost of one pair of Lekis.

Of course, as has been discussed before, that just works for me and may
not work for you.

I ain't cheap, I am just frugal. :-)



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