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[pct-l] First Look: Tacoma for Two Tent

The tarp-tent, really extending a tarp to include some of the features of a
tent, has been a regular feature at ADZPCTKO. In four years Greg Hummel and
I have probably reviewed three dozen homemade designs of this nature. The
goal, of course, is to provide as many features of a tent as is possible
while still retaining the overall weight of a tarp system. I am happy to say
that, at 2 pounds 4 ounces [2#7oz with 8 titanium stakes], the Tacoma for
Two does this job admirably

The simple way of describing the T42T is that it is a perfectly pitched
tarp. Using a pair of hiking poles set to 43.5 inches in height the tarp
makes a simple A frame that is 8.5 feet long by 5 feet wide or just right
for two people.

Next, one must have a ground cloth so an 8.5 by 5 foot groundcloth is
supplied. Finally, as seen at ADZPCTKO, by sewing noseeum netting around the
base of the tarp and providing a curtain of noseeum netting at the open
ends, a tarp can be an effective bug-free abode.

Now if you want it that way, a separate tarp, bug netting and groundcloth,
Carol and David will make it that way for you. I didn't see the point
however so I opted for the tent which is essentially the bug net curtains,
tarp and groundcloth sewn together to create a single unit -- the Tacoma For
Two Tent.

In reality, the Tacoma is more. It also has storm doors that will completely
close off the A frame openings and create vestibules for gear. One would
only want to do this, however, in the worst of storms because the result
will be significant condensation. In am medium downpour the openings are
protected with ample overhangs [beaks some say] that shelter the opening.

In evaluating the T42T I find it hard to believe that a tarp/ground
cloth/bug net combination would weigh any less. My view is that the T42T
really does capture the spirit of what thruhikers are trying to do to blend
tent and tarp features in order to reduce weight in a commercial offering.