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[pct-l] Small Bear Can

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I hate to keep bothering everyone, but here is something else I have wondered
about for a long time.

The backpacker size Garcia is too heavy (2.3 pounds?) and big from my
viewpoint.  I just want enough food/odor supplies room for a 3-day trip and
maybe a little extra for an escape if my tree hung food is taken (probably in
a 5 oz. Ursack).

Can the Garcia by cut in half and then somehow the lid be rejoined to the
can?  Also, the canister would have to have a new round "bottom" put on.
Should be doable somehow.

I guess what I am saying is that I want a small bear proof/3-5 day container
that weighs no more than a pound.  It is for a few days of supplies.  If I am
going on a longer hike, then the full size Garcia or other brands are fine.

Of course this idea might not be acceptable to the authorities, since they
want ALL odor causing stuff in a bear proof container.  It looks to me like
future hiking in the Sierras will be a bear canister required everywhere and
all the time.

I just came back from the Whitney trail and they require a bear canister for
going into Mt. Whitney.  It costs $5.00 to rent from the Lone Pine RS.  I did
not know this and left my own Garcia at home.  I will be back in October and
bring my 2.3 pound canister.  It will be way too big for my 3-day hike, but
what am I to do?

Thanks, Switchback