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[pct-l] Re: Gear Tradeoff -- rainwear

The system, as advocated by Jack Stephenson is HIKE NAKED. Jack proposes for
sweating hikers to simply remove clothes -- until naked. This solution, to
Jack, is obvious and only an idiot wouldn't use it.

FYI, Ray has light-years to go in order to catch Jack as the ultimate
pedantic a$$hole and I, a mere pompous twit, am not even in the game.


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At 09:28 AM 9/27/02, David hiking PCNST in bits wrote:
>Along the same lines, has anybody ever found a clothing system that
>keeps them really dry when hiking up steep hills in heavy rain/snow with a
>heavy pack?

Just assume it is 100% humidity, and NOT raining.
Now assume you are NOT wearing your rain gear, but are still hiking up a
steep hill with a heavy pack.
Are you going to stay dry, or are you going to be dripping sweat?

I still get soaked inside my  PTFE (Gortex) rainwear while sweating
heavily, but if I rest, my clothes slowly dry out inside the shell...
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