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[pct-l] Re: Gear Tradeoff -- rainwear

>>Along the same lines, has anybody ever found a clothing system that
keeps them really dry when hiking up steep hills in heavy rain/snow with a
heavy pack?    Assume that it's windy too so umbrellas and ponchos
don't solve the problem.

I've concluded that the purpose of rain wear (I currently have Frog Toggs)
is to insure that you are soaked in your own warm sweat rather than
cold rain, and so lose less heat. <<

In my experience, Frogg Toggs are about as good as it gets. They are
absolutely waterproof when well cared for, and they breathe at least as well
as Gore Activent. In fact, just last evening I found myself walking around
in a remnant tropical storm, rain beating down on my Frogg Toggs while I
remained dry and comfortable. All the while I'm thinking about some poor
swindled sap out there - somewhere - wearing a $200 Activent "water
resistant" (read: the 2 minute uprising that failed) jacket, and trying to
convince himself that the rain soaking through to his skin must be his own
sweat unable to escape.

Frogg Toggs don't seem to wet-out very easily, either. This might bode well
for the concept of just wearing the jacket (and pants) without clothing
beneath - at least in warm-ish rain that might cause us to produce a lot of
internal combustion.

Also, consider wearing the rain jacket backwards. This will allow the back
to ventilate better while wearing a pack, and may cool the metabolism enough
to prevent a total body sweat. Be sure to bundle up again during the rest

- blisterfree