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[pct-l] Re: Switching to a tarp

Hey John,

This summer I did 2000 miles of the PCT from, Campo, CA
to Sisters, OR using only a tarp for shelter. I only
set up the tarp 4 times the entire trip. (I'm still puzzled
why people bother to carry heavy tents, 2+ lbs, on the
PCT during the summer months.)

To protect against mosquitos I wore the following at night:
+ Breathable wind pants/jacket (from GoLite, www.golite.com)
+ Mosquito head net
+ Balaclava
+ Mittens

The head net is worn over the balaclava. Typically, I didn't
wear the wind pants as my blanket would cover my lower

This worked *very* well, even in the Three Sisters Wilderness
where the bugs were BAD. I carried no DEET or any other chemical.

The mosquito bites I did receive where during the day when
I was reluctant to stop and cover up.

Hope this helps,


With all this talk of tarp versus tent etc, I am thinking of switching
to a tarp for weight reasons, but having never used one before does
anyone have any thoughts and suggestions on how to protect against
mosquitos with such an arrangement?

Regareds Jon

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