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[pct-l] cheap ideas for anal-lightweight-types

I think right about now is a good time to chirp in.
I've got a couple of ideas that you may want to adopt

First of all, I've been carrying a large postal
envelope for 700 miles.  It is made of Tyvek, and I
stuff my clothes in it.  For the cost of mailing
yourself some socks, you might want to try it out.  If
you're near that excellent postmaster Sharon in
Skykomish, you might be able to get a deal on one.

Next, I carry a piece of aluminum foil at all times to
drape over my cooking system.  Whether you are a
"built in cookstand/windscreen" or "rocks-are-my base"
type, a layer over everything will help it all cook
MUCH faster.  Experiment with it.  And I guess in
EMERGENCY situations, this might be a good reflector.

Monte, PAJeff, and I came up with a few more on our
awesome trip to Glacier National Park.  Can I ask them
to resurface some of those ideas, and post them!


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