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[pct-l] Re: Gear Tradeoff -- Tents versus Sleeping Bags

>> I agree with big Hummel.  mainly because walking down any trail is not a
very good test fro the down vs. synthetic fillers for a sleeping bag.  You'
all need to do a weeks worth of climbing and bushwacking in really bad
weather in the Olympics or the Picket range of Washington to test out some
of that equipment.  The PCT is by and large dry!!!!!!!!!  I have spent two
nights in a synthetic bag after wringing the water out of it.  can't do
that with down. <<

I'm not sure why climbing and bushwhacking in really bad weather is any
different than hiking in really bad weather. Unless you're climbing up a
mountain with hanging your sleeping bag outside of your pack unprotected. Or
you're our sleeping on some ledge without the benefit of tent, tarp or bivy

Two or more days of pouring down rain is pretty much the same regardless of
what outdoor activity you're involved in. You can pretty much expect that
you and most of your gear will come out the other end wet!

The question isn't what to do if your gear gets wet. The question is what
gear do you choose and how do you use it when you expect to be encountering
wet conditions. If you chose the wrong gear or use your gear improperly,
then the best case you'll have a miserable night. Worse case, your goose is

If you totally blow it and can't keep your bag dry will a synthetic bag save
us from our own stupidity? Possibly yes, but only marginally so. The
question is how many cold nights do you want to spend in a synthetic bag
because it's lost it loft, how much money do you want to spend year after
year replacing bags with a minimal service life, and how many extra pounds
do you want to lug around over an endless number of trail miles, all for
possibility that you may spend a couple of wet nights out.