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[pct-l] Re:pondering the meaning of....

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brawny writes:

> "anal-light-weight-engineer types..."
> Greg, you wanna be more specific??
> I have been called worse than that
> brawny

Like what?  Come on, we want to hear, we want to hear!  ;-)

Oh, NOOOOO!!!! I have gone over to the light side!!  I'm afraid that I may
have become, through all of the pressure on the list, a "light-weighter".
That is, someone who seeks lighter weight even at an extremely high cost of
time, effort or money.

Last night I spent an hour drilling holes in the vanes of my three-vaned,
aluminum tent stakes in order to make them lighter.

The good news:  Collectively, six stakes now weigh less than three ounces and
look really cool.

The bad news: Collectively, these six stakes only weigh half an ounce less
than they used to!

Half an ounce for an hour of labor.  Hmmmm.  I think that I get more than
that at work for my labor.

Greg "Strider" Hummel