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[pct-l] A Week's Rain in The North Cascades

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I used a down bag on seven consecutive rainy nights in the Cascades and kep=
t my bag dry. Moving each day, too. That was using a tent, which gradually =
got wetter and wetter inside. With care I kept my bag dry for the whole wee=
k. I'm a down man, always have been. Even with a synthetic bag you had bett=
er keep it dry.

I just finished a PCT thruhike, and used down the whole way. I had plenty o=
f wet days and nights in the Cascades. I slept very comfy under a GoLite ta=
rp in rainy, windy conditions and stayed dry. Night after night. Experience=
 trumps equipment every time. Meaning that being over-equipped will not hel=
p someone who knows not what they are doing.

I also slept under the tarp on Muir Pass while 11 other hikers crammed into=
 Muir Hut, on the stone floor. I was very comfortable there as well, with a=
 two pound Marmot bag rated to 15 degrees. My tarp had frost on it in the m=
orning, but not me.

I'm now sold on tarps. I'll stick to tarps and down bags. And being mindful=
 of where and how I set up, which everyone should anyway.