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[pct-l] Gandalf Siting

Took a day off (Sept. 24) to do a day hike on the PCT north of Snoqualmie
Pass and ran into through-hiker Gandalf just south of the Kendall catwalk.
He looked great--even his flowing white beard looked clean and well
combed--and his spirits were high. He said he thought he was the last of the
Class of 2002, with the rest of the pack ahead of him or already finished.
He plans to finish in 10 or 11 days, he said. Since we are having FABULOUS
weather here in Washington, he should have a great trip at least through the
weekend. I asked him if he had regrets about being near the end of the
journey, and (like most through-hikers) he said he have mixed feelings about
it soon being over.

Even though I live in Seattle, this was the first time I had journeyed
beyond the catwalk and into the high country along the PCT. Fabulous scenery
awaits any hiker who makes this journey. It was very hard to leave...

Tom Griffin
Seattle, Wash.
Wash. PCT Trip Reports at