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[pct-l] Netting Tents

ALthough this has nothing to do with ultralight tents, I do have some input=
 on the quantity of netting in a tent and temperature range.  When we backp=
acked, we used a Sierra Designs Sphinx.  It had very little net (a front do=
or and a small back window).  It got a lot of condensation but had a 10 deg=
ree temperature differential from outside (consistently ten degrees warmer =
than inside.  We know this because we like gadgets, and carried a talking i=
ndoor outdoor thermometer.   When we took up llama packing we switched to a=
 Sierra Designs Meteor Light, which has very large mesh panels on top and a=
 full coverage rain fly.  With the fly on the temperature difference droppe=
d to six degrees.  There was a lot of cool air traveling through all that m=
esh.  We got even more luzurious over time, as we
got a third llama, and last year got a 4 man 9 pound dome tent made by Vert=
ical Ascent that is all screen starting at about 6 inches off the ground.  =
With the full coverage fly on, there is only a three degree differential.  =
I have also noticed that the screen cuts down on  light wind.
But we really enjoy this tent.  We get in to camp, put it up and assemble a=
ll our gear inside, lay down and watch the sun set, the alpenglow climax an=
d fade, the llamas graze, the stars come out, the bats fly over.  When we a=
re ready for sleep we put on the fly.  There is nothing like having that 36=
0 view in complete comfort in a gorgeous place every evening  for a month.
Marion Davison  "llamalady"

Hiker97@aol.com wrote:

> I am currently using the MSR Bug Hut 1 tent (under 2 pounds).  I was wond=
ering if others have similar experiences when using net tents (I use a Inte=
gral Design tarp for rain).  Maybe I am imaging things, but it seem it is w=
armer in the tent than outside.  I think it has something to do with any br=
eeze/wind being broken up by the netting.  Inside it is always calm and nic=
e.  Weird.  Also, the netting seems to have some minor rain shedding charac=
teristics.  For more room, you can just roll up your sleeping bag for the f=
oot area (making it higher) and you have a nice full length freestanding on=
e person tent.  Great for a meritorious combat nap in warm to moderate weat=
her.  Have others found the same things using a netting tent?  Off to Mt. W=
hitney country this weekend. Thanks, Switchback
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