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[pct-l] Helpers Lists

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Hi All,

Helen Hillberg's email today has prompted an idea which may already be in p=
lace as I am new to this community, but here goes. Unfortunately I don't li=
ve anywhere close to Skykomish, in fact I don't even live in Washington sta=
te so I can't offer to help Helen out - good luck Helen. But if Helen had r=
equested help anywhere in the southern Sierras I would have volunteered and=
 it strikes me that there must be a potentially large community out there o=
f people willing to help with emergencies, resupply drops, transport, accom=
modation etc ... So why don't we setup a list of helpers willing to perform=
 various duties to assist PCT thru-hikers?

Presumably such a list could be setup on the PCT mail server? Let me know y=
our thoughts or if such a service already exists.

Regards Jon (trail name Biguls - long story)


Jon Eyre
Chief Learning Officer
Learning Voyage Inc

Tele:     (513)-683-7600

Email:    jeyre@learningvoyage.com