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[pct-l] Beaks (on tarps, not birds)

>>Looks like another case of a disciple being over-protective of the

Close - I'm a subcontracted editor. And we're putting together a book about
the Ray-way tarp and NetTent: how to make them, how to use them. The book
will detail how to sew items equivalent to what GoLite is selling under
license. And, for the sewing-inclined or otherwise, it will explain how best
to use these items in the wilds.

The Ray-way tarp design:

lightweight coated (or siliconized) nylon
A-frame pitch
exterior ridgeline end-sewn cord running to sticks, poles, or trees
Variable Geometry Aerodynamics (beaks) (patent pending, etc etc)
side lifters for increasing shelter interior space

This design had its origins in Ray and Jenny's 1994 PCT thru-hike - the hike
that preceded the release of the PCT Hiker's Handbook 2nd edition. It is
more or less the tarp included in their gear list that appears in that

- blisterfree