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[pct-l] Re: variable pitch??

i BEEN DOING variable pitch since 1973! duh...
you moves the tarp up and down and the angle
of the dangle chnanges...voila! variable pitch...

in fact...when I dont do my tent right its gots
variables pitches too!!


Pitchy in Yosemite,


At 10:20 AM 9/19/02 -0700, C.Wellman wrote:
>Thats what tarps are all about...variable pitch.
>You don't have that with a tent because the floor is
>Tarp people, help me out here. When you pitch a given
>shape closer to the ground (spreading it out) Pitch is
>changed. The angles change. That means every tarp has
>variable pitch. Now, if some structure is sewn onto
>it, like an overhang, or door, or a Beak, it
>automatically will vary with the tarp. That is
>I think this is just average intelligence
>am I missing something here?
>You can call it a fancy name, but anyone who has ever
>pitched a tarp has experienced Variable Geometry
>Pitch...or some such thing.
>Geometrically Varied Pitch
>Pitched Geometically Varied
>Variation of a Geometic Pitch
>good heavens
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