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[pct-l] What to do when losing gumption?

Having done my 3rd long distance journey this summer, I finally realized
that when things are getting me down, I need to get back on the trail.

I have heard a number of people say that when somebody is thinking about
quitting the trail they should take 3 days off.

I think this is true but for me only so far as I actually need the rest.
Most of my battle in this regard is pyschological, and I find that a social
or town environment is not helpful.  Music helps because I miss it so, but
it seems only a bandaid in the end, not a long term remedy.  When I am
really tired after 1000-1500 miles, it will take months of rest to
recuperate and get the soreness out; 3 days does nothing but make me feel
more tired.  I think this is stress related and know that I do not deal
with stress very well.

The trail is a tremendous healer.  So I get back on the trail and try not
to think about where I am going but where I am.  I slow down a little
(usually this turns out to be an illusion, I just take all the hurry out
and relax more, and often I go as far as when I was pushing).

My lowest times are invaribly  at resuppy points, my highest times on the