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[pct-l] Patents, Trade mark etc

1-Anyone may request a trademark. Once the application is filed a TM may be
used. It the trademark is issued then a R in a circle indicates a registered
trademark. Generally a trademark cannot be descriptive. If Ray instituted
the term "beak" than he is likely to be able to trademark the term.
"Variable pitch", however, is descriptive and cannot get a trademark.
Bottom Line: Ray is likely to have attempted to trademark "beak" or
"variable pitch beak". If the term "beak" is not in common use [the
trademark office can't find the refrence doing a search], Ray is likely to
get his trademark.

2-A patent must be a new and unique idea. There are way to many instances of
a downward sloping overhang over a door for a patent to be granted for
"beaks". I presume that Ray filed a patent on the "variable pitch" concept.