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[pct-l] Beaks (on tarps, not birds)

At 04:39 PM 9/18/02, "Brett Tucker" <blisterfree@earthlink.net>, wrote:
>Cave shelters combine the versatility and ventilation of tarps with the
>weather protection of tents. Their Variable Geometry Beaks TM (patent
>pending) accomplish this by automatically changing their angle with the
>height of your pitch.

Hmmmm. From this quote from the GoLite website it seems that the term
"Variable Geometry Beak" would be the term being protected with the trade
mark, and the claim would be for a beak that "automatically changes the
angle with the height of your pitch."

That is a far cry from claiming all tarps using a beak are stealing from Ray.

Looks like another case of a disciple being over-protective of the master.

A Ray-Way Lawsuit Threat Survivor