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[pct-l] Ashland, Sky Lakes, etc. - quitting the job

Weird as it seems, I almost think quitting a job and then returning to no
job after the PCT is an experience in itself - thought not necessarily
totally a pleasant one. But, it is very freeing and extends the feeling of
the journey of the PCT. For months the only thoughts are with nature,
calmness, food, water, etc. Very simple - then, bang, you are back in
"civilization" and could be acting like a scared dog on a freeway. Not
pleasant, but still part of that special, wonderful experience.

On two occasions after my first PCT long adventure,  I have returned from a
long trek to the same job that I had before - wasn't quite the same feeling
as returning to nothing. But, perhaps that feeling was because it wasn't the
first time. For me, returning to a known source of income is security that I
like - the more pleasant adventure is on the trail, not in the job market.
But, one needs to just take it as it comes. Most things work out well in the

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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> <<  I have the money, now I just need the
> courage to quit the job, pack up my life, and head for the hills (with a
> lighter pack, I hope). >>
> Good post. I had the same feelings of doubt and finally decided that the
> uncertainty of it all was the very reason to go. And becoming the
> of the good graces of others (such as trail angels) is very therapeutic in
> dog eat dog world
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