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[pct-l] 9-11 thoughts

Yes, they have a diffficult time making a clean breast of things...
In Vietnam, the LAF's carried satchel charges (about 10-15 lbs of
high explosives) tied to their body and came into the compound to
rift destruciton.

I consider myself fortunate to be at Sonora Pass reflecting on the
tranquility of the PCT (for the most part!) this 9-11 and the many years ago
I passed thru the area on foot in which on now live!


At 01:14 AM 9/16/02 -0700, Randy Forsland wrote:
>Been there....but it is the lightly armed females that you really need to
>worry about.....
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>David writes:
>> suicidal/homicidal gangs of highly armed young males
>> full of hot testosterone and hot lead, battling over turf and ideology
>> little regard to who's in their way.
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