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[pct-l] Water Bladder Hose

Hiker97@aol.com wrote:

>Well, here is another wild backpacking idea I have.  I put aluminum tape
>around my water bladder hose leading from my GoLite pack to my shoulder st=
>(I have a place to clip the mouth piece near my mouth).  But I am wonderin=
>if this will promote mold growth in the tube.  The reason I did this is so
>the water might remain a little cooler than having the sun beat on it in t=
>tube.  Anyone have an opinion?  Happy trails, Switchback
    I don't htink it would promote mold and I'm glad to see I'm not the
only one who has the opinion about water in the tube (warm and icky).
 Do you know where to get replacement mouthpieces/bladders at?

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