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[pct-l] thru hike questions

Hi Kelly,

I found it easier to just mail my pack to San Diego. I had already
pre-arranged to have Bob Riess (trail angel extraordinaire) to pick me
up at the airport the night before, put me up for the night and drop me
off at the trail the next morning. He offers this service to all PCT
hikers. He's truly amazing!!!

Personally, I don't think I'd trust the airlines to handle my pack as
checked luggage---especially if it's made of the lightweight synlon
fabrics. If you know for sure that you can carry it on, that's
another matter.

When I flew home recently, my poles were considered potential weapons.
Consequently, they insisted that I check them. It wasn't that big of a
deal since I had already completed my thru-hike, but I'm not so sure I
would have risked it before. Also, keep in mind that most stove fuel is
considered combustable and will not be permitted on board. Furthermore,
I've heard that fuel cannisters must not have any residue in them. I
believe it is not permitted to be posted through the mail, either. You
can possibly pick some up in San Diego after your arrival or consider
using solid fuel tabs like I did. I hope this helps. LL


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