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[pct-l] gear questions

On a recent float trip, a friend demonstrated a way to make the Clip
Flashlight even lighter.  He set it up using only the fly, poles, and ground
sheet.  The ground sheet has grommets for the ends of the poles just like
the tent does.  These hold the ends of the poles in place.  The fly then
attaches to the poles the same way it does if the tent were attached.  I
assume that the main tent body makes up half the overall weight, so the
weight savings is significant.  The 4 pound Clip Flashlight becomes a 2
pound trap-tent.  I think you could sew netting between the fly and the
ground sheet to make it bug proof.  Hopefully, any condensation would run
down the steep wall and through the netting to the ground.  Has anyone tried
anything like this with the Clip Flashlight or any other tent?

This friend also demonstrated another light weight technique: dual use.  He
slid his inflatable kayak in the door of the shelter and used it as an air


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> Sierra Designs makes good tents.  I still own the predecesor to the SD
> Flashlight: the SD Star Flight.  By replacing the tent poles with Easton
> Aluminum arrowshafts, I now have the complete tent, poles and stuff sack
> under 4 pounds (If I can get someone to make me a new fly out of 1.1
> (Moak?) I think that I can get it below 3 lbs, 8 oz).
> It is taller than the Clip by several inches, sheds snow better due to the
> pyramid-like shape (nearly 4 seasons?), has withstood 60+ mph winds, 9
> straight of rain and 25 years of the Rockies, Sierras and Southern
> deserts.
> When it rips from age, I will take it apart at the seams and remake it in
> new, lighter materials with only one other improvement: a hooded fly vent
> the peak.
> Best regards,
> Greg "Strider" Hummel
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