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[pct-l] Camp Shoes

I could hike in a pair of lightweight running flats. I suspect that I could
hike further than I could in Teva sandals but I suspect Teva affectionados
could hike further in Tevas than I could.

The advantages of Tevas and Aquasox is that you can cross a stream, getting
them wet, yet still have relatively dry camp shoes. The Running Flats do not
dry quickly.

The advantages of running flats is that they are 12-14 ounces lighter than
Tevas and one hell of a lot more comfortable than Aquasox to hike in.

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> > like to take my Teva sandals, but they weigh about 24 oz. Is there an
> > alternative?

The deciding factor for me is I COULD hike in my tevas, with a pair of
heavy socks.     I don't think I could hike very far in any lightweight
alternative - I've had no luck even with imitation Tevas.    If a hiker
is going to have a backup system for anything, it would seem to be his
footwear.    And Tevas are good for stream crossings.    So I don't count
the weight too much against them.   Ultralighters mileage may vary.

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