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[pct-l] Successful JMT Hike!!

Good report...I also hiked the JMT this year (7/29 - 8/14) and plan on doing
it again next summer ..I have introduced many friends to the majesty of the
Sierras over the years on this particular trail and I never get tired or
bored of it.

The $2.00 a minute phone charges at VVR are not that bad...considering that
it is a flat rate regardless of where you are calling...I don't yak a lot
so, I never went over 2 bucks.

I was surprised at the weather this year though...It was HOT and dry.. not
one day or afternoon of rain or anything...just SUN, SUN and more SUN
...the rivers were very low and there was not much snow on the mountains
this year...I compared the photos that I took this trip to the ones from 97
and it is really staggering...
But, then again..the mosquitos were not much of an issue this year...I never
even used the deet thatI  brought...


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> Just thought I might write a quick hike report.... returned
> from an incredible 13 day trip on the JMT.
> I expected a super hike in a special place, but what I
> experienced exceeded my expectations and was beyond
> spectacular!  My 2 partners and myself began in Yosemite
> Valley and hiked 150 miles which included leaving the JMT
> at the Bishop Pass Trail. I am already planning next year's
> finish at Whitney. And IMHO I can not imagine any place in
> this country that could possibly be more beautiful...and I
> have hiked the Wind River Range, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, the
> Olympic Peninsula, Vancouver Island,Acadia Nat'l Park, been
> all over the Smokies and NC and TN, and hiked the entire
> Appalachian Trail(where IMHO the White Mountains and Baxter
> State Park are pretty incredible and are without a doubt
> the very best of the eastern U.S).  I am headed in early
> October for Glacier Nat'l Park, so I guess I could change
> my mind, but I doubt it!  There were a few days where we
> were so overwhelmed by the scenery  all day long, that we
> begged for it to stop being so pretty.  We took 18 rolls of
> film, so lots of memories will be enjoyed over and over.
> LeConte Canyon was probably the biggest surprise, but out
> of 150 miles, I would probably only consider the first few
> miles of the climbs out of Red Meadows and Vermillion
> Valley to be less than spectacular. Even the long descent
> into Red Meadows was great due to the incredible trees.
> Things went very well.  THe only problems even encountered
> were making one's way through the maze at Red Meadows area
> and a bum ferry boat engine at Vermillion Valley resort.
> (although be warned if you go to VVR - nice people - but it
> is $2 a MINUTE to use their phone.) Sorry to say that there
> was only one bear at LIttle Yosemite Valley campsite the
> first night out and we didn't even see him. I expected the
> whole trail to be much more crowded but once we left
> Yosemite, we spend most nights alone. I could go on and on,
> but I think you get the picture!
> I also want to say thanks to all of you that answered my
> questions about the JMT several months ago. You were all
> very helpful!  In thinking about next year, what does
> anyone know about Onion Valley?  The JMT books I have do
> not talk about what is available there, but the maps show a
> pack station and a campground.  Anyone know what the
> campground is like?
> I will definitely resupply there, as I don't care to carry
> anymore days of food than necessary. I used Skip Wilder as
> a shuttle driver. He picked us up at South Lakes and took
> us all the way back to Fresno where we picked up the plane.
> I will definitely use Skip again next year.
> I also see that the books say that the Kearsage Pass Trail
> is 9 miles long and the maps show it to be 7.7. I did find
> most mileage information to differ a bit from the JMT guide
> book to the data book. I finally decided that the maps were
> most accurate and relied on them for mileage data. (as an
> example I expected the Bishop Pass Trail to be longer than
> it was...I felt it was closer to the 12.6 that the map
> shows.) I guess I am just very tune with my hiking pace,
> and so I like very accurate mileage!!
> Happy Hiking Everyone,
> Susan Faidley
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