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[pct-l] Successful JMT Hike!!

Well, you might try the Grand Canyon.  I agree -- no mountain range in the
lower 48 compares to the Sierras. But the G.C. is utterly unique - a 250 mile
mountain range set in a humongus mile deep box, each foot of which represents
600 centuries. Yeah other canyons are deeper but none compare to the infinite
immensity, with dozens and dozens of  completely isolated side canyons, each
of which would be a world class canyon on its own. I think if space travelers
were to pick just one destination on Earth to gawk at, it would be the G.C.
But you miss 90% of the show unless you go below the rim where the mental
disbelief at what your witnessing is slowly stripped away and the places many
secrets revealed
 Once I met a guy from England who thought that Americans were crazy to
travel to other countries to see the sights, when the most scenic spot on
Earth was right in their back yard - the desert Southwest. ( He also marveled
at how much Americans ate!)