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[pct-l] Lightweight Section Hike Questions

"Tom Griffin" <griffin@u.washington.edu> writes:

> like to take my Teva sandals, but they weigh about 24 oz. Is there an
> alternative?

Surf socks weigh ~16 oz. Get 'em at Rite-Aid. That's if you think you need
camp shoes; some folks can live in their 805s 24/7, whereas others feel the
need to get out of those stinky things into something--anything--different.

> take some variant of a Powerbar? Will I regret it if I take a fresh apple
> two?

You'll regret it more if you *don't* take the apples.

> What do lightweight backpackers use to carry margarine, peanut butter,
> Are the plastic tubes the lightest way to go or is there an alternative?

At ADZPCTKO IV, Cupcake showed his NBCS (nut butter container system), which
is made from a baby bottle liner. You can see a picture at