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[pct-l] Campfires...

In a message dated 8/30/02 4:05:44 PM, yumitori@montana.com writes:

    Yes, but not to idiots chopping down every other live tree at a three
foot height.

There is no way to stop stupid people from doing illegal things. I can't stop
people from littering, poaching, cutting live trees for wood, having illegal
campfires, etc. I can't stop a firefighter in need of bucks or glory from
starting a fire. When was the last time a forest fire was started by a LEGAL
campfire? They always say illegal fire. Well then, obviously, making them
illegal didn't help much. So why would banning all fires change that. When
you punish people for the wrongdoing of others and the perpetrators go free
it kinda sends the wrong message. So if I really want to limit freedom of
speech, all l have to do is go out and abuse it? You cussed, slandered and
yelled fire in a theater, therefore we cannot allow anyone repeat this so
free speech is banned? Ditto for the press: if one newspaper is a slanderous
rag, then all freedom of press must be banned? Because some hunters poach,
all hunting should be banned? Because some people are irresponsible hikers ,
all non guided hiking should be banned? Logic, please