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[pct-l] Campfires...

For all the hoopla about bear cans and hanging food along the JMT part of
the PCT, I think it is campfires that should be next on the list of banned
activities.  I'm probably in a minority position here, but after spending a
night above Snowgrass Flats in the Goat Rocks on Labor Day weekend, and on
benchs above "regular" camping spots in Desolation Wilderness, the Sisters
and near Cathedral Pass looking across the chasm towards Robin Lake, there
is nothing that ruins a good night view, not to mention the nutrients they
steal from future plant life, homes for bugs that bears root for, etc., than
a campfire...

Feelin' feisty!

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, Wyoming, where we've had two tornadoes within four miles of town in
the last week.

Marion said:

>We carried our bear cans and were kind of amused by neighboring campers at
Piute Creek Bridge who spent more than an hour >getting a string up in a
tree to hang their food, then lit a fire.