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[pct-l] Re: Mount Whitney, The Zoo, a story...

I have also done Whitney four times, from trailheads other than the portal.
First trip:  started at Mineral King, crossed Franklin Pass, took Rattlesnake
creek trail to Kern Cyn, to Wallace creek, to Whitney, and out the portal trail.
I was more impressed by the rugged difficulty of the rocky switchbacks than I was
by the hordes of people.  Second trip, entered at Kearsarge Pass, hiked south on
PCT to Whitney, and out at the portal.  Spent the night on Whitney summit--a
superb experience.  Third trip, entered at Cottonwood Pass, hiked north on PCT to
Whitney, exit at the portal, spent the night on Whitney summit a second time.
Fourth trip, started hiking at BSA Camp Whitsett near Johnsondale, wandered north
thru cattle country to Kern Canyon, Wallace Creek and so on.  Planned to spend
the night on the summit, but abandoned the plan when the weather turned to a
whiteout, and bugged out to Crabtree and hiked on to Yosemite Valley.
Now I hike with llamas, and have gotten over Whitney Fever.  I won't be going
The last two trips I made, I had to get a Whitney stamp from the agency who gave
me my trailhead permit in order to do the summit. I had no problems getting a
stamp either time.
Llamalady, Marion Davison

PTODDF@aol.com wrote:

> Jeff,
> I second your suggestion for doing Whitney from the West side. In early July,
> I did the High Sierra Trail from Crescent Meadow to Whitney summit, then
> returned via Kern/Kaweah Cyn, Roaring River, Deadman Cyn, Elizabeth Pass.
> A fabulous 12 day backback, highly recommended. I added a side trip to Lake
> South America and the upper Kern Cyn one day.
> The beauty of this, besides no hordes and crowding, except maybe on the
> summit mid-afternoon, is no lottery for permits! Just load and go, with no
> "Whitney zone" stuff to worry about. Much too hot for Kern hot spring though!
> Just a foot bath for me.
> Best, Todd in Tarzana.
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