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[pct-l] PCT in WA

Was hiking on PCT from Rainy Pass to Cutthroat Pass, then down to Cutthroat
Lake trailhead this weekend. Views are awesome up there, wish i could keep
going to Canada, maybe next yr... Also from Slate Pass North couple miles
towards Windy Pass--thunderstorms chased us back. Not a drop of snow.Trail in
excellent condition. North of Slate Pass met thru hiker "Donk", moving good,
said he had 1 day to go, he probably finished Sunday 8/25/02. Congratulations
to him.

Also hiked Snoqualmie Pass south 5 miles to Oallie Meadows. Was pleasantly
suprised w/scenicness. Someone had said that there was alot of clear cutting.
In that stretch I saw almost none. Someone had recently cut brush on 90% of
this section. Can anyone tell me what the trail is like down to Stampede Pass.
Im thinking of doing a long day trip from Snoqualmie Pass to Stampede Pass,  I
understand its 18 miles. I hear that trail is difficult to follow thru
clearcuts near Stampede Pass, is this correct?  Any info would be helpful.

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