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[pct-l] Phil "Donc" Preston's in Vancouver

Phil called from Vancouver yesterday morning - he arrived at Manning Park
the previous day, then rode to Vancouver with some apparently
substance-using travellers. Apparently he was subjected to more adventure on
the ride than on the entire PCT!  Aside from reporting that his walk through
the North Cascades was largely blanketed by clouds & fog, he's well, already
trying to control his food intake, and was busily looking for Canadian
Immigration.  That office helpfully does not list its address in the
telephone directory, only its phone number...

He has 20 days before his flight leaves for Sydney, and almost
apologetically, admits that he couldn't walk any slower than he was -
including 35 miles on his last day.

Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija

"Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top.
Then you will see how low it was."  Dag Hammarskjold